Monday, November 10, 2008

Happy Hanukkah Dreidel Cards

I used to be an event planner and when I closed my business, I had all of this party stuff left over. I sold a lot of it, but still had some items here and there. All of the products were brand new and unopened, so I took inventory of the supplies I had left one day to see what I may be able to repurpose into a card. Since I only have a few Hanukkah stamps, when I caught a glimpse of the packages of plastic party dreidels I had, I thought perfect!

I attached a dreidel and stamped Happy Hanukkah--voila--a beautiful and simple Hanukkah card! The card pictured is blue, but I can also make them with a red dreidel, a yellow one, or a green one. Blue seems to be the most popular because it's a common Hanukkah color. These cards do fit in mailing envelopes (which are included) but because of the dimension, it may be better if you are delivering these cards in person or attaching them to a gift. You can mail them, but I would suggest using a small bubble mailer to protect the dreidel.

For all those that celebrate--Happy Hanukkah!