Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Art of Photography & the Craft of Writing

Photos can say so many things without a word. Photographers have a way of capturing a moment in time with just one click. Writers too have a way of expressing a moment, a feeling or an event with one word, a phrase, a paragraph or pages of words strung together. I thought we would try something different today.

I have posted a photo taken by Aung Pyae Soe. Use the photo as a writing prompt to tell your own story. It can be a word, a poem, a sentence or a whole story. Post your response to the photo as a comment or send it in an email to If you don't feel like sharing your story, that's okay too. I just wanted to honor a photographer, who has the art of capturing a moment, and inspire a writer to put some words on paper (or at least your computer screen) today.