Sunday, December 16, 2007

Custom Pet Portraits

My family has 3 Jack Russell Terriers that are our babies. OK - so they have four paws and bark, but that doesn't change how much love we have for them. I am always on the hunt for JRT products and recently I found an artist who paints pet portraits on usable items. Since my ceramic leash holder had recently crashed to the tile floor and broke, I was on the hunt for a new cute leash holder. I originally found the item on, which sells handmade items made in the USA. I also sell my own cards and paper creations there (

So in my hunt on, I found Timeless Memories at, a custom pet portrait painter.

I sent her a picture of each of our dogs, so she could "capture their personality" as she put it. Once she received the pictures, she sent me layout choices and voila - in a few days I had a proof of the painted leash holder sent to me for approval!

So, if your dog is your baby, check out her work and order a customized pet portrait item to enjoy for years to come.